What do you look for in a potential client?

Be a gentleman. Show me respect and treat me as you would any other lady. If you are running late, please call me ahead of time to let me know. Cleanliness and impeccable oral hygiene are also important. Other than that, just be yourself. Relax, and tell me about you. I'm interested in what you have to share.

What can I expect on our first meeting?

You can expect to be warmly greeted with a genuine smile, a hug and light conversation. As we get to know one another and become more comfortable I try to cater to special desires.

How do we approach the donation giving?

Please have a pre-counted donation ready upon my or your arrival. Don't make me feel uncomfortable by having me ask for it, just discreetly hand it to me. Handing it to me in an envelope is preferred.

What turns you on?

I find both intelligence and a great sense of humor to be the finest of aphrodisiacs! If you have both... I'm putty in your hands! From a physical perspective, I find a good hard massage to be extremely erotic and sensual. Something about a man with strong hands rubbing and squeezing them up and down my naked body just gets me going! I'm also very orally inclined... and would be more than happy to oblige if you cared to reciprocate!

Can we get high beforehand?

I am a non smoker, very light social drinker, and have never tried any 'hard' drugs.  While I am accepting of all lifestyle choices, I kindly ask that you not consume anything which may leave you aggressive or unpredictable.

For liaisons of 4 hours or longer I may be open to enhancing the sensory experience with plant medicine (preferably organic, and only when legal in the area we are meeting).