Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an agency?

No, I am fully independent. I will also be the person who answers your phone calls and e-mail.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept Cash, Internet Bank Transfer (certapay),  or Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover) for all donations. Please contact me for details on how to make payments by Bank Transfer or Credit Card. Please note: The GST is added to all credit card transactions. 

How will charges appear on my statement?

Credit card charges will appear discretely under my corporate name, which is 'industry neutral' and will not indicate or give any suggestion of the nature of our transaction.

What turns you on?

I find both intelligence and a great sense of humor to be the finest of aphrodisiacs! If you have both... I'm putty in your hands! From a physical perspective, I find a good hard massage to be extremely erotic and sensual. Something about a man with strong hands rubbing and squeezing them up and down my naked body just gets me going! I'm also very orally inclined... and would be more than happy to oblige if you cared to reciprocate.

Do you do stags?

While choose not to attend stags myself, I am happy to help you organize an unforgettable event with some of my beautiful girlfriends.  Just let me know what you are looking for, and I will make sure you have an amazing experience!

Do you have a job other than this?

Yes. I have degrees in Psychology and Sports Nutrition, and then went on to study various forms of alternative medicine and healing.  I am passionate about empowering individuals to embrace themselves, take responsiblity for their lives and live a life filled with health, joy, passion, harmony and value.

Why do you still escort then?

I honestly love this line of work. I have been fortunate enough to meet some truly wonderful gentlemen. Some of my best conversations, learning and lifetime experiences have been with my gentlemen friends. I'm just not ready to give up the experience quite yet!  Additionally, I  believe that genuine connection, intimacy and sexuality are integral to optimal health. I love to provide a safe environment of pure acceptance where you are free to allow all aspects of yourself to shine, without fear of judgement, shame or fear.

Are you available for travel?

Absolutely!  I love to travel, and nothing is better than sharing new and exciting experiences!  I would be happy to either travel with you, or meet you at the destination of your choice for a fantasy vacation you will never forget!

Are you available for duos?

Definitely! While I adore gentlemen, I find the aesthetic beauty and sensuality of a woman delectable. I am more than happy to indulge your duo fantasy by bringing along one of my beautiful girlfriends. Rest assured, I am very selective, and ensure I will bring along only the sexiest and classiest escorts Vancouver has to offer.  Click here to view some of my current favourites ...... or feel free to make a suggestion of your own!

Are you really the girl in the pictures?

Yes. All photos on this site are of me, are recent and a true representation.  Small alternations such as red eye reduction, lighting optimization and occasionally background changes have been made.

Do you really look as good as your photos?

I have been told my pictures don't do me justice. While they were professionally taken, they are static, and it is often said that my essence, warmth, depthss and energy are the most alluring parts of my being. 


Anything and everything! Life is here to be experienced and lived!  I am passionate about learning.  A few of my current favourites are:  Philosophy, Physics and Meta physics. In my daily life, I love Travel, Cooking, Eating, Hiking, Yoga, African Dance, Singing, Healing Arts and Meditation. I am also  I fundraise and volunteer for a number of projects.  Currenty I am focusing on water projects in Africa, a baby orphanage in Kenya, and am looking at visiting India later this year.


Favourite Foods?


I love seafood, Japanese and French, but I also love to try new things!  Tasting menus are one of my favourites, because I am able to sample an array of deliciousness!

Do you use drugs/alcohol/tobacco?

I am  just developing an appreciation for wine - especially when pared properly with food.  If you are an onophile, I would love your guidance and expertise!  

I do not smoke, and am a non drug user (with the exception of plant based medicines for neuro theological reasons ;-) 

Are your donations "All inclusive"?

Donations are for my time and companionship only. Any expenses incurred during our time together are to be covered by client.

Do you expect tips or gifts?

Of course not.  All my packages are all inclusive.   While your kindness is always appreciated, extras are neither expected nor requested.

Do you allow any special discounts?

Sorry, but no. Donations are non-negotiable for all dates. I do offer occasional and seasonal specials - please see my Specials page for further details. 

Will you provide a reference for other ladies?

Absolutely! However, discretion is still of paramount importance, as is an accurate referral. With this in mind, I will only provide references for gentlemen whom I have met in the past 12 months. Please ensure you contact me shortly before the lady does with the following: 1) A hello, and a brief reminder of our time together (date, location, and any specifics about you which will allow me to more easily recall our liaison). 2) The name of the lady or ladies who will be contacting me (to ensure I am not divulging personal information to somebody not authorized to receive such).