I have added this page simply because I am frequently asked, "I would like to bring you something. What do you like?" Please allow me to emphatically state that gifts are never expected (though they are always appreciated, and never forgotten).

The greatest gift you can give me (other than beautiful memories) is one which enriches the lives of those less fortunate than you or I. In lieu of a gift for me, might I suggest a contribution to a worthy cause of your choice by visiting my charities page.

Some sweet suggestions are:

  • A much-needed massage from Soothe. I promise I'll think of you the whole time that I'm naked :-)
  • A voucher from Nordstrom. I love everything from here!
  • Orchids, Gerber daisies, or other vibrant colored fresh cut flowers
  • Unique or interesting food.  I love trying new things, and would be honoured to sample some of your favourites!
  • New Experiences.  To share together, as a voucher for me......or  inspire me with your stories!
  • Scented candles, lotions or body butters  (Vanilla or Fruit scents)
  • Fresh fruit or fruit baskets
  • A Voucher from Wickainnish Inn.
  • Voucher from Nobu ~ my current favourite restaurant!

Clothing and Lingerie:

My Jessica rabbit curves are challenging to fit, so a gift certificate often works best :

If you are daring and want to give it a go, here is my sizing :

  • Bra: 34F
  • Panties: Small or Extra-Small
  • Tops: Something very stretchy in a small or extra small. My waist really is 22" and anything larger than a small will be extremely loose around it.
  • Skirts/Pants: Size 0 or 00 if it fits on the waist. Up to a size 2 if it falls lower.
  • Shoes: Size 5.5 - 6 for shoes. Size 6.5-7.5 for boots.